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Firewall Movie Poster


This is the original double-sided theatrical release poster for the 2006 crime thriller, “Firewall”

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Firewall is a 2006 crime thriller directed by Richard Loncraine and written by Joe Forte. The film stars Harrison Ford as a banker who is forced by criminals, led by Paul Bettany, to help them steal $100 million. The cast also includes Virginia Madsen, Robert Forster, Robert Patrick, and Alan Arkin.

Harrison Ford plays bank security expert Jack Stanfield, whose specialty is designing infallible theft-proof financial computer systems. But there’s a hidden vulnerability in the system he didn’t account for – himself. When a ruthless criminal mastermind (Paul Bettany) kidnaps his family, Jack is forced to find a flaw in his system and steal $100 million. With the lives of his wife and children at stake and under constant surveillance, he has only hours to find a loophole in the thief’s own impenetrable system of subterfuge and false identities to beat him at his own game.

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Additional information

Dimensions 27 x 40 in

Cast / Crew

The following individuals were involved in this film:

  • Harrison Ford as Jack Stanfield, chief of security of Landrock Pacific Bank.
  • Paul Bettany as Bill Cox, a businessman who holds Jack and his family hostage and forces Jack to transfer $100 million from the bank he works at to his offshore accounts.
  • Virginia Madsen as Beth Stanfield, Jack’s wife
  • Mary Lynn Rajskub as Janet Stone, Jack’s secretary
  • Jimmy Bennett as Andy Stanfield, Jack and Beth’s son
  • Carly Schroeder as Sarah Stanfield, Jack and Beth’s daughter
  • Robert Forster as Harry Romano, Jack’s colleague who introduces him to Bill Cox
  • Robert Patrick as Gary Mitchell, Jack’s colleague
  • Alan Arkin as Arlin Forester, Jack and Harry’s employer.




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This movie poster is in Near Mint condition.

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